Sheer Golden Nursing Cover
Sheer Golden Nursing Cover
Sheer Golden Nursing Cover

Sheer Golden Nursing Cover

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Not just another nursing cover. Here at Breast Couture, we get that there are thousands of different kinds of moms and that within those thousands there are ultra stylish moms that nurse their babies at fancy cafes and at weddings and at other social gatherings that require you to dress up and show up with baby and all.

And surely you can't be showing up with nothing less than a nursing cover that is in actual fact a fashion accessory to work with your outfit and your personality and not make you feel like you and stick out like a sore thumb. Mom's deserve to be as hip as the next chick.

All of our nursing covers are designed with your own style and personality in mind. With your less than average lifestyle in mind and everyone of them is hand crafted and carefully thought out to look stylish no matter what the occasion.

Product Dimensions: 31L x 36.5W x 0.1H

Adjustable Strap. Sheer Coverage. More than enough beautiful material to keep you covered. Soft. Breathable.

Neckline that always remains open for constant airflow and eye contact with baby. You can see baby at all times by simply looking down at him/her.

*Always make sure to check in with your baby as often as possible.*

Hand made in California. For Women By Women.